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The Story of Saharkhiz Saffron: A Sunrise from the Earth

In the heart of Khorasan Razavi, where the sun begins its ascent, a story of passion and dedication to saffron, the red gold of Iran, unfolds.

It all began in 1932 with Haj Mohammad Saharkhiz. Having grown up surrounded by the aroma and taste of pure saffron from Khorasan, he was deeply passionate about this precious spice. With unwavering determination, Haj Mohammad took the first step on a challenging journey and laid the foundation of Saharkhiz Saffron Company.

Over the years, the Saharkhiz family has diligently passed on the secrets of pure saffron from generation to generation. From cultivating and harvesting saffron in the lush fields of Khorasan to meticulous processing and packaging, every step is taken with care and precision to deliver an unparalleled saffron experience to customers.

Today, Saharkhiz Saffron stands as a trusted name in the world of saffron. With extensive knowledge and experience, the brand is committed to providing the highest quality saffron with an unmatched aroma and flavor.

However, the success of Saharkhiz Saffron lies not only in the quality of its products. Commitment to customers, respect for nature, and a dedication to sustainable development are among the core values of this brand.

Saharkhiz Saffron is a sunrise from the earth that tells a story of love, hard work, and commitment with every strand of saffron.

Here are some of the achievements and honors of Saharkhiz Saffron:

  • Received the Iranian National Standard
  • Obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications
  • Selected as an exemplary exporter of Khorasan Razavi province
  • Winner of the Golden Statue of the Popular Brand in 2023

Saharkhiz Saffron is steadfastly marching towards progress, aiming for a brighter sunrise in the world of Iranian and global saffron.

With its diverse range of products, the brand transforms saffron into a colorful and fragrant experience in homes across Iran and around the world.

Saharkhiz Saffron, a sunrise from the earth, a gift from Khorasan.

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