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Clothes Lint Remover

Keep Your Clothes Clean and Tidy
Category: Clothes Lint Remover - Efficiently Removes Lint, Dust & Pet Hair: Keep your clothes and home looking neat and tidy with this efficient clothes lint remover. Easily removes lint, dust, and pet hair with 60 adhesive sheets per roll. Ergonomic handle for easy grip. Compact and lightweight for easy storage and portability. Available in white and black.
Product Features:
  • Efficiently removes lint, dust, and pet hair
  • Easy to use: simply roll over the surface to remove lint
  • 60 sheets per roll, providing long-lasting use
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle for easy grip
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to store and carry
  • Available in white and black to match your home decor
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Material: Plastic Diameter: 4.5 cm Total length of roll: 880 cm Handle material: Polypropylene Color: White or black

Say goodbye to pesky lint and pet hair with the Clothes Lint Remover! This handy tool is your perfect ally for keeping your clothes, furniture, and other surfaces looking neat and tidy. With 60 adhesive sheets per roll, it provides long-lasting use and makes cleaning a breeze.

Effortlessly remove lint, dust, and pet hair. Simply roll the lint remover over the surface to capture and remove all unwanted debris. The adhesive sheets are gentle on fabrics and safe for use on a variety of surfaces.

Enjoy a comfortable and ergonomic grip. The handle is designed for easy handling, even for extended periods of time. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store and carry, so you can keep it close at hand for quick touch-ups.

Choose from two stylish colors. The  Clothes Lint Remover is available in white and black to match your home decor. Whether you’re a busy professional or a parent with pets, this lint remover is a must-have for keeping your home looking its best.

Invest in a clean and tidy home. Order your Clothes Lint Remover today!

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Clothes Lint Remover